domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Himno Internacional Etíope

Himno Internacional Etíope

Guiemos nuestro propio destino hacia Etiopía

Música Nyahbinghi del Orden Ceremonial Rastafari

Ethiopia the land of our Father,
The land where all Gods and Goddes loves to be.
As a swift cloud of might, so we gather,
God children are gathered to thee.

With our Red Gold and green floating over us,
With our Emperor to shield us from wrong.
With our God and our future before us,
We hail and we shout and we sung.


Jah bless our Negus, Negus high,
And keep Ethiopia free,
To advance with truth and right,
To advance with love and light.
With righteousness set speeding we haste to the calling.
Humanity is pleasing one God for us all.

Ethiopians, the tyrant is falling,
Who smote thee upon our knee,
And thy children are lustily calling,
From over the distant sea.

Jahovia the great one has heard us,
He has heard our sigh and our plea.
With a spirit of love Jah has brought us,
To be one through this coming age.

Oh Eternal God of this ages,
Grant unto our sons and daugthers that live,
Thy wisdon knowledge understanding thou give to this ages,
When Israel was so in need.

Thy voice through the dim pass has spoken,
Ethiopia shall stretch forth our hand and heart unto God
By thee all barriers be broken,
And Zion bless our dear Mother land.