domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Our Mission in Ethiopia

Our Mission in Ethiopia:
The life and testimony of a Boboshanti Rastafari repatriate

The written testimony/autobiography of Honorable Priest Paul Phang.

He has maintained the office of the EABIC in Ethiopia continuously in Shashemene, Ethiopia, since 1995.

Also he was part of Rt. Honorable King Emmanuel’s mission to Africa, as part of the repatriation initiative of the Congress.

This testimony covers Priest Paul’s early life in Jamaica before coming into the Congress, his experiences at Bobo Hill, Jamaica, and his life and works in various locals in Ethiopia, Africa, with primary focus in Shashemene, Ethiopia.

It also includes a detailed account of the events concerning Hon. Priest Kenny in 2002, and goes on to cover times and many events of BoboShanti works, and of other Rastafari family in Ethiopia, up to the year 2013.

Copies of the book are $12.95 US locally in California, and $15.00 US elsewhere, which price includes shipping and handling.

Hon. Priest Anta Merritt
California Office