lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Bobo Broom Nation Wealth Plan

Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of Salvation

Blessed Love Honorable Priest, Prophet, Empress, Prince and Princess,

We inviting one and all to come along to the Journey to the Ethiopia Royal Nation Wealth Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Zion

Let I n I all Guide our Destiny to Ethiopia

This is a call to merge (come together) all Africans whether in the Caribbean, in America, all over the Western Hemisphere, Africa, for the Final Effort toward African Liberation.

If a man or woman of this Congress have a business already that is good works therefore it would call for a Greater Network in getting a bigger inventory, so as to generate more work for bigger profit returns.

This document cannot be realized without prior knowledge of African Fundamentalism with the School of African Philosophy in New Jerusalem, where I n I school.

United I n I stand, divided I n I fall.  One good in I n I, One in Doctrine, One God for us all, One Hope with Negus Christ our Lord under his Banner of Love – One in Charity of Salvation Charter to all Nations for Freedom, Redemption, and International Repatriation. 7, 9, 13 miles of Black Star Liner Ships in the harbor to take us Home.

Micah 4, Joel 3, Isaiah 43.  Remember Jah call I n I to work in one Unity.  One, one full basket as long as we do it together.  Unity is the only accepted Goal.

Bobo Broom Nation Wealth Plan

For the humble fed, naked clothed, sick nourished, aged protected and the infants cared for. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  The five P’s for Success.
With the broom clean hands and a pure heart and a clean house we are prepared for this task ahead.

The Goals of the Plan

1.  To confirm and strengthen Homeschool – Bobo Shanty Homeschooling Curriculum Initiative.  This process is being facilitated by the Woman Freedom Liberation League (WFLL) with the Committee.

2.  More Unity. A Unified Effort with Communal Settings to cultivate a Strong Family to venerate the Village concept taught by our Father and Mother of Creation.

3.  Re-creating Banks and Financial Institutions, of our own Black Small Business Loan Association.  Thus strengthening and fostering the ideas and developments for the Future Business Leaders of Africa.  More Black Entrepreneurships.

4. Business brings more businesses. More work, employment for the Black Nation, Bobo loved ones, etc.

5.  Reinforce Nation Wealth for Generations to come, a Kingdom without end.  Wealth to succeed to many generations to Long Eternity.

6.  To Redeem the Mother Land Ethiopia this term embraces the whole Continent of Africa through Spiritual and Material progress. The whole Africa in Righteousness of Salvation Black Christ Kingdom, The fifth Kingdom of Christ World. Stands for equal Rights for one and All.

7.  For the Freedom, Redemption and International Repatriation fulfilling prophecy and history 7, 9, 13 and even 21 miles if necessary of Black Star Liner Ships to take I n I come.

For spiritual enlightenment visit the Foundation and for physical communication let I n I from the inner courts to outer courts continue such reasoning.  One Love.

The Plan Broom Industry

1.  Broom – Price to Make

Cobweb Broom: US$ 3.00
Covertop Broom: US$ 2.50
Inside Broom: US$ 2.00
Outside Broom: US$ 1.50
Hand Broom: US$ 0.90

2. Price Sold outside of Jamaica varies.  I n I can reason about this.

3.  Bobo to seek a Universal Program to promote Broom as a Spiritual and Temporal Upliftment for the Black People of the World. With Marcus Garvey Five Year Plan.  The principles of this message is that there is no better resource than Man’s Mind, the Human Resource.

4.  Remember to start small.  I n I will can restart the program in Jamaica, a population of over 3,000,000 people. I n I would Love too see a Broom in over Million Black people hands so everyone can sweep out the devil before 6am uprising in there time Zone.

To create discipline of mind therefore Spiritual Power. Jah is real to me. I Love Jah he gives I n I the Victory.  I n I know the Consciousness of the Ethiopian Tradition is there.
Then we can use this momentum and publicity of Cleanliness is Godliness to win our Brothers and Sisters support in America, Caribbean, Western Hemisphere, etc. in the Redemption of Africa.

5.  The harvest is ripe and the laborers are few.  Needless complain!  Work with who we have.  Here’s what it takes to effectively stimulate an International Cause.  It takes three (3) man with the WFLL, with a valid driver’s license, can drive, and basic skills of Goodwill, Tolerance, and Understanding.  One Treasurer, and will need documents to work with banking.  One Secretary to facilitate the communications and public relations are realized for the benefit and upliftment.  One Manager to ensure that the brooms are accounted for, stored properly, and distributed.  The three (3) Heads in these offices with the WFLL overseeing every work, information, and only with their confirmation then such actions of such executive branch can commence.  The same principle governs self, governs business.

Materials List

1.  Capital

2.  Equipment – Truck ( to go to bush and country for straw, stick, and band).  Also to go to businesses for the marketing of brooms retail, wholesale, and to win the support for the grand cause of the Bobo Broom Nation Plan – 400,000,000 Strong!  Garvey’s Five Year Plan – that is what I n I use.
Marcus I, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari

3.  Tools – Hammer, nails, cutlass, chainsaw, borer, 40 feet container on Bobo Hill for storage of products and tools.  Another 40 feet container for exporting of brooms, crafts, and other products.

Reasons for This Plan

Spiritual and Material Gain is Essential for Mans Well-Being.
The program empowers and employs Bobo people.  “Man is only assured of his bread, if he works for it.”  If there is no work, make work!

From the Broom Industry proceedings then and only then I n I can make investments in other Industries such as Craft, Shoemaking, Clothing, Agriculture, Food Processing and Raising livestock.  There are already ones doing it for themselves.  To raise the Standard high is a Ascending on Incorporation (INC).  All businesses to begin networking as One Enterprise.

This work will build Tabernacles, Schools for the Children in Academics and Skill/Trade, Universities, and Institutions of Black-Cultured Learning.

How To get Results

Seek impart tithes from every member to pool funds for the initial investment so as to secure all our Rights. I n I create the framework for a Franchise, Inc.  As we seek to corner the market let I n I develop more legitimate copyrights and creational authencity of Bobo Products.  For a chain of stores authentic and original Bobo Shanty Products to be distributed wholesale and retail.

“Can we do it? Yes we can! If we cannot do what other nations have done, we shall surely die.  Collective Survival or Collective Extinction”.  Move like a God Given Government we are, Up you Mighty Race on Black Star Liner, Inc.

Finally, Membership and Registry

Everyone to submit information of name of business and contact information. Let us join hands and heart and realize our aspirations are ours and it’s benefits, are for our long Eternity. In advance I n I thanking all Love ones for their Support. One Love!

God is Love.  Let us all Love.  Love One Another.  Sisterly Love, Brotherly Love.  Let it continue amongst yourselves.  Remember to keep the Sabbath Day Holy

This is yours truly,

Honorable Priest Daren